Haiti’s President Launches PetroCaribe Investigation

Haitian President Jovenel Moise has reiterated his commitment to rooting out corruption.

Responding to protester demands to “tell us where the PetroCaribe money is” Moise tweeted Thursday that his administration would investigate the allegations of misuse of funds and would hold all those responsible accountable.
Je demande au Chef du Gouvernement de donner tous les accompagnements requis aux institutions concernées,notamment l’appareil judiciaire pour que lumiere soit faite sur l’utilisation des Fonds PetroCaribe. Personne n’échappera à la justice. C’est un devoir moral et de justice.
No one will escape justice. It’s a moral and judicial duty,” he said.

The president’s press secretary Eddy Jackson Alexis told reporters Moise had officially notified all government officials involved in the PetroCaribe agreement that they were to make themselves available to respond to a judicial inquiry.

According to the spokesman, the PNH (Police Nationale d’Haiti), widely criticized in July for failing to stop looters who ransacked businesses and gas stations, accomplished its mission this time around. Louis-Jeune said police thwarted a plot to loot two markets during the protests, but declined to identify the targeted businesses.

“We arrested several individuals who were on motorcycles, with gas cans in hand and who were unable to explain why they had these cans and what they planned to do with them,” he said. Illegal weapons were also seized from several individuals.

President Moise congratulated the police force on a job well done.

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